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PostSubject: Thomas, Mara   Thomas, Mara EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 4:11 pm

Name of celeb: My Playby isn't famous. I just found her picture on Deviant art~

Character Basics
Name:Mara Thomas
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 3/4/1989

Sex: Female
Species: WereBear, Similar to a werewolf, only they shift into a, you guessed it, bear.

Eye Color: Dark blue, almost black
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120lbs

Appearance: The girl certainly has a striking figure. She is petite, and agile, with long raven hair, usually pulled up into some sort of braid. Her angled features give her a look of wisdom beyond her years. She had dark eyes, resembling the sea at midnight. Dark eye brows framed in her eyes quite nicely. Mara always liked the way her eyes looked, she found them to be her favorite feature. Her lips didn't draw to much attention, they were pale in comparison to most girls her age. Along with her pointed chin and the subtle curve in her hairline, her face generally had a heart shape. Which reflected in her other form when she had a white heart shaped mark in her black fur. In her bear skin she was taller, and more muscular, she had thick fur and large claws that helped for climbing and, if needed, fighting.

Character Bio
Abilities: Other than turning into a great Kodiac bear, she doesn't have anything too special about her. But she does make some kick ass hot chocolate.

Personality: She is... quirky to say the least. Mara loves to meet new people, and loves to please them. She often will go into her own little world now and again, often humming or singing to her self as she draws. Loneliness is something that could kill the girl. She hates hates hates silence, and being alone. Which is usually how she is. (another reason why she hums) Not a lot of people stick around once they find out your a mythical beast.

History: In her younger years she showed no sign of being different. She grew up just like any other kid, but as she reached puberty somethings began to happen. She was wracked with head aches, and often it would feel like her skull was splitting in two, no one really thought much about this until one day she just ran away. Packing some things she bolted out of the town. She just had the terrible urge to just... run. Far into the woods away from all civilization she finally stopped running, clutching her head as she sat down. Then, the moon peaked out from behind the cloud cover. She changed for the first time, Stunned, confused, and scared, but all together somehow at peace.

Mara roamed around for a while, and had a few encounters with different types of creatures, a pack of wolves who offered to take care of her, she refused because somehow she knew she'd be a burden on them, or be just pitied, not accepted, a group of vampires who tried to kill her (she got away by the skin on her neck) and others. All she ever wanted was to find people who liked her for her. The way she was, the way she'll always be.

Current Living Area: She roams around a lot, but currently she is seeking shelter in Forks. (She doesn't know of the werewolf pack yet and has only begun to realize there is vampires around)

Thomas, Mara Kylie_by_Jems_Photograpy
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PostSubject: Re: Thomas, Mara   Thomas, Mara EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 5:09 pm

Accepted M'dear. Welcome to the forum. :]

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Thomas, Mara
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