Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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PostSubject: Aubin, Aaron   Aubin, Aaron EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 11:02 pm

Name of celeb: Jim Sturgess

Character Basics
Name: Aaron Aubin
Age: 22(stopped aging after being turned, is closer to... 60ish)
Date of Birth: October 13th

Sex: Male
Species: Werewolf

Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Color: Chestnut (with a reddish tint)
Height: 6'3
Weight: 193lbs (All muscle baby)

Appearance: Aaron is attractive. And he knows it. He flaunts it. He has a cocky little smile that almost never gets wiped off his face. Slightly curly brownish-reddish hair that falls just below his ear, and just before his collar. He always has just a bit of stubble unless he just took a shower and shaved. Probably comes with the whole 'wolf thing. He has bright eyes that shine in the sunlight, and always have a twinkle of their own.

Character Bio
Abilities: He has a sort of sixth sense, He knows when people are lying, not necessarily what they are lying about, but he can tell if they are. This helps in his job, as a reporter for the Port Angeles Times.

Personality: As cocksure as they come, Aaron will never take no for an answer, will never allow anyone to beat him, and will always find a way to make any moment funny, however serious the original nature of the time was. Raised the right way from his Mama, he is very much a gentleman. He believes in chivalry and doesn't think it's a dead art. He loves to take pictures and can find beauty in almost any situation. Ever since he was turned, he had the need to be around people, whether they were 'wolves or no. He surrounds himself with many people at all times, but never really lets people too close.

History: In England around the early sixties, it wasn't too uncommon for women to not have a husband. With the war and all, bastard children had excuses. Aaron and his mum lived alone, they didn't have enough money for him to move out. His mother would never have had enough funds to pay for the house let alone food, but he grew restless in the town of Manchester. He needed change, needed to get out. So he devised a plan, he would move to America, and instead of spending more money on a home of his own, he would send a weekly allowance to his mother. At least until things were good enough for her to survive with out him.

So on a boat and off to America, the land of the free, the land of... protest. In the height of the revolution, the height of the hippie movement he arrived. Bewildered, he found his way into a commune of people, a tribe if you will, they lived in the forest on a huge camping ground. People left and came daily, and they were all so nice. People said they were avoiding the draft, but really they just wanted peace. Just wanted freedom. You don't get peace by shooting and killing others, and they had a reason. More reason then Aaron could ever see in war.

But with that life style came changes. One night, he went for a walk in the woods around the grounds. The air was pleasant and a scent of something hung on the horizon. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it felt like... change. Like something big was about to happen. And he was certainly right. As he got farther away, so far that he couldn't even see the lights of the camp-fires, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. The moon pulled through the clouds, and the wolf leapt. Aaron turned just in time. The beast was huge. Gigantic! It tore at the flesh his arm offered, a searing pain now resounding through his body, the wolf seemed deterred by something, it shook it's great head and ran off bounding away.

The boy was left there, cold, and in so much pain that his whole body shook.Then, almost in a dream like state, Aaron felt like his body was turning, twisting. Images of the wolf cluttered his mind. He blacked out. But in the morning, it was all gone, like it never happened. Just a pink scar on his arm, and an odd feeling in his heart.

It wasn't until a month later had Aaron realized the seriousness of that bite. It had healed rather quickly, and things began to change. First of all, he grew about five inches, and took on a more muscular appearance. This did nothing but feed the boy's ego, although confused, he liked what was happening. He felt more connected to the world around him, and for a while thought he found what the other hippies were looking for by being out in the woods.

Then the pack found him. A group of about six men, they were asking around about who had seen a 'wolf' about a month ago. Aaron revealed that he had, and they looked to him. Astonished. They took him with them and began to ask him a great deal of questions. Apparently, most people die with in an hour of being bitten by an immortal, and it was a wonder that not only did he survive the bite, but the whole body transformation as well.

He stayed with them for a while, a couple years, learning more about the creature he'd become, and of the rouge wolf that made him what he was. It was all too interesting to the boy, but once again, his soul called out for him to make a move. Plus, he looked to young to be the man he was before. Across the country to a city in California, where he stayed another ten years, then to New Orleans, then Virginia. Each town he went to he made his fair share of friends. Then finally, about three weeks ago he moved to Port Angeles. It was a nice city, with a great shopping district. And it was perfect. Right near the ocean, right near the great woods, right near anything he'd possibly need.

Current Living Area: Port Angeles

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Aubin, Aaron Wolf-Brown

Aubin, Aaron JIM

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PostSubject: Re: Aubin, Aaron   Aubin, Aaron EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 11:27 pm

Accepted. Happy Rp'ing. :]

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Aubin, Aaron
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