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PostSubject: Brayden Caine*Hybrid   Brayden Caine*Hybrid EmptySat Dec 05, 2009 4:35 pm

Name of celeb:Chace Crawford

Character Basics
Name:Brayden Killian Caine
Date of Birth:January 23, 1992


Eye Color:Deep Green
Hair Color:Brownish Blond
Weight:150 lbs

Appearance: Brayden is well built for being a vamp/wolf. He is tall cause of his Wolf side. Being both Vamp and Wolf his skin is a light brown. His brown hair sometimes glows blond in the sunlight. He is able to stand in the sun without sparkling or Shining. His eyes are a green that turns blue sometimes depending if there is danger near by will they be blue.

Character Bio
Abilities: Can sense Danger before it happens and talks to animals

Personality: Brayden has a sweet personality. He is protective of his family and does anything to keep them safe. He is fun to hang out with cause he can be funny at times. Hes really good at comforting people it their sadness. Brayden doesn't like to fight much but will if he has too. He is a good and caring person. He has his moments of being mean but that is rarely ever seen.

Brayden is unusual since he is a Werewolf and half Vampire. His mother was a werewolf while father was a Vampire. Brayden had a twin sister named Chelli but she died at birth. Its still a mystery how his mother even got pregnant since she is a werewolf. His parents thought it was just meant to happen and sometimes they still grieve for Chelli. Brayden and his parents moved to forks when he was seven years old. Growing up in Forks he kept his Vampire half a secret which was really easy to do. He drinks animal blood once a week to keep himself in check. He can go without blood for a month but it makes him go insane. His parents were a odd couple since no one ever though two enemies would come together. They raised Brayden from both sides of the family. They also taught him how to speak 3 other languages. They were German, Russian, and Japanese.

Current Living Area: Forks

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