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Name of celeb: Michelle Trachtenberg

Character Basics
Name: Rebecca Lynn Kyobashi
Age: 18 (Actually 150 Years old)
Date of Birth: December 25th, 1859

Sex: Female
Species: Werewolf/ Vampire Hybrid

Eye Color: Hazel/ Light Green-Blueish
Hair Color: Brown with Blonde Highlights
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 Pounds

Appearance: Becca has a Body like an Angel. She has a slightly crooked Nose cause of the fight she got in with her 4 Older brothers when she was a Kid. Her eyes are the lightest of all the Greens.. almost like a Grey color. Her hair is always the curliest out of all her friends. All the guys while she walks in rooms stares at her face because she is called "the Goddess of Love".

Character Bio
Abilities: She can Mind read other Humans and Vampires thoughts very clearly. She can also lure Boys into her with her Looks and her Voice. She can Teleport to far away places also.

Personality: She has a Bubbly personality even though she's very random. Her Catch phrases are "I'm so cool Ice Cubes are jealous" and "YEAHHHH BOIIIIIII!!".
She is a shy person once you first meet her and as soon as yours and her Friendships grow she will become one of the Most Funny and Lovable people you will ever meet. She's also a quiet person around guys. If she starts flirting with a couple of Guys so beware if she starts blushing.

History: Rebecca Lynn Kyobashi was born on December 25th, 1859 in Dallas, Texas. Her Father, Zachary was a Lawyer in her little town while her Mother, Emily was a showgirl in one of the Theatres around their home. Zach was a Vampire while Emily was a Werewolf. They got Married a few months after they first met each other. Emily became pregnant with their first and only child Rebecca and gave birth on Christmas Day. Emily died after giving childbirth by the Lack of Oxygen in her Lungs. Zach couldn't stand being without his Betrothed so he killed himself while Becca was only 4 Years old. She grew the rest of her Life up with her wacky Aunt Pearl who was Murdered straight after Becca's 16th Birthday. Becca was engaged to the love of her life, Mitchell and became pregnant shortly fter she got engaged. Mitchell died of a Heart attack and the Baby girl Becca was carrying was Miscarried and died after the 7 Month period. Now, Becca is living on her own with her Golden Retriever, Max in La Push Washington.


Becca Lynn Kyobashi Michelle_trachtenberg_buffy_vampire_reunion_12.0.0.0x0.660x872

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Becca Lynn Kyobashi 262469

Becca Lynn Kyobashi Trach-736213

Becca Lynn Kyobashi Michelle_Trachtenberg_2_1.0.0.0x0.534x768

Location: La Push, Washington

RP Sample
Becca rolled her eyes at the Young man flirting with her, Paul was his name. She thought he was Handsome, and he Probably liked her back in return also. Her Grey eyes scan the Little Beach Pinic thing he set up for her on the Beach of La Push. It was Cold, she knew that for a Fact. "Hey, It's cold outside.. can I borrow your Hoodie or something?" She asked Polietly to him, But he was staring at her like she was the sun and he was the Blind man looking at it. He came behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her Middle. She interwined his and her fingers together, looking up from him being taller then she was.
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