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PostSubject: Danille Vasiliev*Vampire   Danille Vasiliev*Vampire EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 8:56 pm

Name of celeb: Don't have one

Character Basics

Name:Danille Lillian Vasiliev
Age:18(real age 20)
Date of Birth: December 14th, 1989

Sex: Female
Species: Vampire

Eye Color: Gold with a tint of Blue
Hair Color:Black
Weight:115 lbs

Being a vampire Danille has strong skin. She was always pale as a human so it didn't bother her much. Her hair is long and sleek that reaches her lower back. She is approximately 5'7" and skinny. Danille has golden eyes but you can see a tint of blue from her human life in them. When in the sun she doesn't shine as bright as the others. She shimmers more then sparkles. She is a expert on weapons. She tend to enjoy them and practices with them.

Character Bio

Abilities: Telekinesis

Personality:Danille has different personalities. She tends to be the quiet but sarcastic one. She gets along with most people unless they talk to her mean. If your mean to her she could be so much worse. If your nice then she'll be nice. When she is upset or angry its best to leave her alone. You don't want to get on her bad side.


Human Life:
Danille lost her parents at fourteen. She soon moved to her aunt and uncle's house after the funeral. While living with them she was use to closing up her emotions. Until one day her aunt was killed... by a vampire. She went out to find the vampire but the vampire ended up finding her first. She was bitten but had escape and appeared at her house after passing out.

Vampire Life:
Danille was able to control her lust for human blood because it had no effect on her. Her aunt took care of her through the pain because she didn't know how to stop it. Now they moved to Forks after two years of Danille's change. Her Aunt still treats her like she was never different. Soon she'll be starting at Forks High and hopes to make new friends.

Current Living Area: Forks

Danille Vasiliev*Vampire Russian_girl_by_st3fan3lboby
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PostSubject: Re: Danille Vasiliev*Vampire   Danille Vasiliev*Vampire EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 11:09 pm

Shes Pretty x)
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PostSubject: Re: Danille Vasiliev*Vampire   Danille Vasiliev*Vampire EmptyFri Dec 04, 2009 7:16 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Danille Vasiliev*Vampire   Danille Vasiliev*Vampire Empty

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Danille Vasiliev*Vampire
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