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 When Gravity Moves

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PostSubject: When Gravity Moves   When Gravity Moves EmptyFri Jun 10, 2011 7:37 pm

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When Edward and his family left Forks, abandoning Bella, she was a wreck. From the nightmares and just being a zombie, she was scaring both of her parents. When her father threatened to send her to Jacksonville to live with her mother, she realized that she needed to be better for herself, especially since she didn't want to move back, thinking that Edward would come back for her. Little did she knew that Edward just wasn't going to come back.

Bella started to return to herself the slightest bit when she began to hang with her friends and Jacob Black, her very best friend that cared about her in ways that she couldn't even fathom the idea. They got really close when Bella brought the motorcycles that she bought that they fixed together. Bella and Jake basically spent every moment together. When she hallucinated in seeing Edward when she tested out the motorcycle, she knew she lost her nerve.

Then, the movies incident happened when Jacob told Bella that he would never hurt her. She knew he wouldn't but Bella was still confused to how she felt about him. Jacob had to leave Bella with Mike because he knew exactly what was going on with him. Jacob was changing. It was the one reason of why Sam Uley was always watching him.

With Jacob not returning her phone calls or wanting to see her, she once again went into depression, and the nightmares came back. Charlie than made the decision and sent her to live with her mother. After several months, she finally got a call from Jacob, and they began to talk over the phone as much as possible, returning Bella to her normal state as possible.

Then, things went awry for the wolf pack. Things were going good until vampires started showing up. After Sam's pack killed Laurent, the Cullens returned to Forks, which caused a few more La Push kids to transform into wolves. Since the Cullens and Quileute wolves made the treaty many years ago, the vegetarian vampires were safe.

Then, Alice had a vision.

That's when Carlisle and Sam decided it would be best if both the pack and vampires decided to work together. With Jasper's training when he was turned into a vampire, he knew the newborns weakness. Jasper worked with his family and the wolves to use the best methods of training.

It didn't take long and Victoria and her army came to Forks on vengeance. Victoria still thought that Bella was still in Forks. They were no match for the vampires and the wolves. After the battle, the Cullens left Forks once again.

Then, trouble began once again. Meet the Sahari clan - a group of red-eyed vampires, who also recruited some members from Victoria's army. Riley and Bree would be two of them. The two are just going how these nomad vampires live. Murders have been happening in Forks, Port Angeles, and Seattle by the red-eyed vampires.

Word has gotten back to the La Push shifters and they know without a doubt that they cannot do this by themselves. After getting in contact with the Cullens, they come home to work with the wolves. Will the Cullens come to their aid this time?

Bella has decided to return back home to Forks but is now attending Peninsula College, which is located in Port Angeles. Bella and Jake haven't seen each other in almost two years. Even though they talk all the time, what happens when they get the surprise of their life when Jake imprints on Bella?
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PostSubject: When Gravity Moves   When Gravity Moves EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 5:47 pm

Hey everyone, we are still looking for members, especially canons. We already have Bella, Jake, Kim, Leah, Paul, Rachel, and Rebecca. Although, no one's played Kim, Paul, Rachel, and Rebecca, so they are up for battles if interested.

We need Jared for Kim and Sam as he is going to be with Leah! The pb's are totally up to you but if they are of quiluete tribes, they must be native american!

We hope to see you there as we need major activity. The group is brand new so there's not a whole lot of posting but it shall increase shortly.
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When Gravity Moves
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