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 Waiting on the family

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PostSubject: Waiting on the family   Waiting on the family EmptyThu Jun 02, 2011 12:54 pm

Alice walked in through the front door. She had been out shopping for new clothes. It was the time when she went through everyone's things and tossed all the 'old' stuff out. She didn't want anyone wearing the same things twice. It was just not done in the fashion world, or atleast in Alice's fashion world. She always had to have the newest of everything. And with all the money that they had, they could most certainly afford Alice's shopping sprees. She had to make a few trips back out to the car. There were boxes of every shape, bags of every size. she even had things in there for Bella.

Ah yes Bella, Alice's favorite dress up doll. Even though Bella hated it, Alice loved to make her look all girly. Once all the items were in the house she walked up to the living room and waited for the rest of her family to arrive. She couldn't wait to show everyone what she had gotten them. granted they didn't like being dressed up either. but they all knew that Alice loved it so they did it for her sake. The things that families to to make it's members happy. Alice always got the really nice stuff for Jasper, and most of the time she had their outfits coordinated as well. She did the same thing for Esme and Carlisle, Emmett and Rosealie and even Bella and Edward. All couples had to be coordinated in some way. Alice thought that it was always cute when they matched.

She laid on the couch and looked out the windows that surrounded her. She didn't exactly like being all closed up in Forks Washington, but it was home. And she was happy here, well she was happy as long as she was with Jasper.

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Waiting on the family
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