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 Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight]

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PostSubject: Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight]   Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight] EmptyMon Feb 14, 2011 4:48 pm

When James was destroyed, Edward and the rest of the Cullens though that Bella would be safe. But Victoria is out for revenge, desperate to destroy Edward's mate as he destroyed hers. Already, her attempts to get at Bella have failed, due to the La Push Shape-shifters. And so, she has begun to build up an army of newborn vampires, intent on destroying Bella-even if it means destroying the Cullens in the process.

But Victoria is not alone. She has been joined by a child of the moon, a true werewolf, who seeks to build up an army of his own. He claims that he wants only to help Victoria avenge her mate, but has plans of his own. Once Victoria has gotten what she wants, he plans to take the entire army and take on the Volturi, to destroy the ones who have hunted him and his kind for centuries now.

Meanwhile, in Forks, The Cullens are unaware of the growing threat. Two other groups, however, are. The shape-shifter pack in La Push have caught the scents of vampires straying into their territory, and in the surrounding area. They realize they are vastly outnumbered, but are reluctant to seek out the help of the Cullens, wanting nothing to do with them. A small group of Children of the Moon, however, recently arrived, are desperate for the Cullens help, knowing that if the Volturi learn of the army, their own lives are threatened. The Cullens, however, are reluctant to assist them, knowing the price they'd all pay if the Volturi discovered they were working with the werewolves.

That is, until the Cullens learn who's at the helm of these attacks, and who their target is. With more and more people disappearing in Seattle, and the army's numbers growing quickly, something must be done. It will be up to all three groups to put an end to the Newborn Army-if they can manage to work together.
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PostSubject: Re: Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight]   Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight] EmptyMon Feb 14, 2011 4:49 pm

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Full Moon Rising [AU Twilight]
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