Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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Crystal Tiffany
Crystal Tiffany

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PostSubject: Say cheese. (: (-tag yourself-)    Say cheese. (: (-tag yourself-)  EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 12:23 am

Crystal's camera was store in the compartment on her motorcycle. Like most people, she liked to get away. But her get away, is in the lens of a camera. Her leather jacket zipped tight to block the wind, her boats resting on her bike, while her hair was let Lois as the black threads fell around her. She reved the engine fly forward. Flying past traffic at it's stand still.

When she found an open area with nothing but a lake veiw and animal tracks she pulled over, slipping off her healment and shaking her hair out. She climbed off changing jackets to a warmer on, and gloves from biker gloves to mittens. People said she was crazy for riding her bike in the winter, but she couldnt handle putting it away. She pulled out her camra and in folded the covering for the bike and placed it on zipping the zippers and velcroing the rest. She then walked to the side trying to look around. Her purple eyes scanning the scean. She saw a nice shot, and begone to pull her camra out.

She wore skines, a long slaves shirt, a sweater, and a warm soft jacket that wouldn't make a sound. She pointed the camra at the bired that seemed frozen in time. A blue jay looking out towards the water. Snow on the dead trees and ever greens around it. Perfect shot... Just needed the right timing before she hit the botton.
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Say cheese. (: (-tag yourself-)
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