Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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 Falling behind? (-tag yourself-)

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Crystal Tiffany
Crystal Tiffany

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Falling behind?  (-tag yourself-)  Empty
PostSubject: Falling behind? (-tag yourself-)    Falling behind?  (-tag yourself-)  EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 12:10 am

Tiffany brushed herstraitened hair from her face. With it straitened it fell even lower in length. Tiffany coughed into her sweaters sleeve. She zipped it up a litter higher as she walked to her locker. She missed a few days due to illness. She had a heavy fever, and major cough. She felt much better but she was away for a good two weeks and wit exams so close around the corner she had a feeling she was gonna fail.. Big time.

Tiffany sighed heavily as she opened her lockerabout to put herbooks it when a jock shoved her should raw he ran by, by mistake. Although. He didn't say sorry, by then her books hit the floor. "bloody hell! Really?" she spoke under her breath as she knelt to retrieve her books. She was wearing a black comfy sweater, with a white tank and skines, with her favouret nikkie boats.

Suddenly one of her teachers spotted her and called her over. She acted not to hear at that moment, she knew what he wanted, to welcome her back, warn her anoint exams etc,. Sighing again she picked up her last book just as she spun to shut her locker and walk to the teacher. Without notice one of the text she collected from another teacher fell from on of her books, the mark being a C- . She kept walking to the teacher brushing her bangs from her face.
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Falling behind? (-tag yourself-)
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