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PostSubject: CHASING SHADOWS, Supernatural RPG, 'MATURE' INT-ADV   CHASING SHADOWS, Supernatural RPG, 'MATURE' INT-ADV EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 4:15 am

Chasing Shadows

CHASING SHADOWS, Supernatural RPG, 'MATURE' INT-ADV ChasingShadows-1

saving people, hunting things......the family business

The weapons of Heaven have been stolen, among them………. The Seven Bowls of Wrath. Now Sam and Dean must go international as the bowls have been taken to the far reaches of the earth, scattered over six continents and the brothers must race against time to recover each of them before their deadly legacy of wrath is released upon the earth......


The first bowl
Will bring a plague of sores upon the disbelievers and impure.

The second bowl
Turns the sea to blood and poisons everything in it.

The third bowl
Fresh water will turn to blood and people will die of thirst.

The fourth bowl
The sun will be intensified scorching the earth.

The Fifth bowl
Brings total darkness during the day.

The sixth bowl
Will dry up the once bountiful rivers.

The seventh bowl
The air will turn stale and suffocate the impure.

Only a pure soul will be immune to the effects of the bowls.

Now the hunters and their allies race against time to recover the bowls before all HEAVEN breaks loose on earth.......

The Road So Far.......

On the eve of Armageddon the world stood on the very brink of the abyss……… at the last second when all hope appeared lost, Lucifer was seemingly defeated and sealed back into his ‘cage’ and life continued on, many unaware of just how close they came to hell on earth but have the hunters and their allies really won? Have they truly beaten Lucifer and his hellish army back into the pit? Or has the world just paused for a moment, living in the eye of the storm……..?

During the battle against Lucifer and his demon horde, allegiances were forged, former foes set aside old prejudices for the sake of a common goal, some of the supernaturals liked the world the way it was and didn’t want to see Lucifers grand plan reach fruition. It was an unsteady alliance with the hunters but one that saw unlikely friendships formed, but what will happen now the war appears over……….?

Other supernaturals waited quietly and patently in the wings, biding their time, waiting to make their own move, their own powerplay and with the demons down for the count they’re coming………but Crowley, king of the Crossroads Demons and Lilith’s former partner, hides a secret agenda and is making a power play of his own.

Chasing Shadows

AU Season 6 Supernatural RPG

Chasing Shadows is a well established forum with a friendly community that offers more than just an RPG. This is a slightly alternative reality RPG that is set in season 6 going back to the original origins of the show......
saving people, hunting things.....

We are looking for creative, talented, and enthusiastic individuals to join our diverse community. We have a friendly, vibrant and active board that is committed to continuing. New stories and characters are always in development, if you want to be involved in a long term Supernatural RPG then join us.

We are currently seeking an advanced, creative

writer to play Sam Winchester.

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