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PostSubject: Drake Razorite (Hybrid)   Drake Razorite (Hybrid) EmptyTue Dec 01, 2009 6:05 am

Name of celeb: Stuart Townsend

Character Basics
Name: Drake Razorite (Pronounced: Razor-right)
Age: 630 (Looks 21)
Date of Birth: July 12th

Sex: Male
Species: Vampire/human

Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Dark blonde
Height: 6’1
Weight: 130

Appearance: Pale skin from birth he has been rather night walker. His skin feels like its on fire in the sunlight due to his mother’s disease that went from generation to generation; he can stand being in the sun for a couple of hours or a whole day, but after that he’ll feel sick enough that he’ll collapse or end up sleeping for two days. Standing tall, he is a rather strong looking man that isn’t afraid to show off his torso. Dressing like a rocker, he carries an electric guitar on his back and an amp in his car for playing on rooftops. A look on his face that makes a person think he is either board or deep in thought. He keeps out of the sun so that vampires don’t know his weakness, wishing that he could walk out into the light all day with no problems. He has his father’s eyes and looks, but his mother’s disease and hair. Wearing his mother and father’s wedding rings on a necklace that is around his neck.

Character Bio
Abilities: Luring voice –When he sings or relaxes his voice, Drake can almost talk anyone into doing what he wants. Like hypnosis. Humans will have no recollection of the events, vampires will remember everything, wolves depends on if they try to listen in on it harder.

Personality: Loves ice cream since it was introduced to the world; his mother died giving birth to him so he mainly was raised by his father’s coven. They drank from humans; he doesn’t like drinking from humans rather drink from animals or blood packs. But he has a sweet tooth, while enjoying playing music and dancing. He is very proud to be his parents child, and proud to be a member of the Romanian Razorite Coven. Dislikes the Voulturi, wishing that the vampires would expose themselves so that the worlds could live at peace. Though he has a sweet side, his dark side from growing up how he did shows. He can be cunning, ruthless, evil, and blood thirsty when he snaps. Only ever snapping once and that is when someone attacked and killed his aunt and uncle; he mounted the heads on his coven’s wall like trophies. He has an old accent, that makes him seem like he is teasing people.

Drake was born with the name of “Drakous” but he shortened it in the new century. Drake was born to a vampire coven leader named Talic Razorite and a human woman named Nani; who married Talic. But when she became pregnant, Talic didn’t have the strength to save her and not kill her. So they both died that day after the birth of their son. Drake was named after his father’s grandfather who was a knight in Romania. Growing up, he was raised by the human slaves and his coven; his body grew fast so they kept him in the castle of Razorite as the human slaves believed that he would be their next lord. He had a fondness for music and fighting, training in weaponary at night with his uncle who was once a knight in the king of england’s army and his other uncle whom was an assassin. Drake learned how to be silent but deadly; this came in handy when some vampires killed his aunt and uncle while they were out. So for revenge when he snapped; Drake found and killed two of the vampires that did it mounting their heads on the wall. Drake slept during the day and came out normally at night cause of his illness from his mother’s side. It didn’t make him sick, it was embedded in his skin. Believing he caused the rumors about vampires being allergic to sunlight, he don’t know where they got the garlic, stake, and holywater from. He attended evening church on Sundays to show that he wasn’t a vampire to the human eyes. After four hundred years, Drake left the castle fearing the voulturi would come if they knew about him. So he went around the world only moving at night till he came to America.
After many years, Drake began playing guitars and living his life to the fullest. Fearing one day the Voulturi would find and kill the son of Talic Razorite, cause his father was so against the voulturi forcing their rule that he always tried to change things. Drake wanted no part of that, being born of both. Drake adored both human and vampire life; wishing one day that everyone could be at peace where vampires could walk in the world of humans and not be afraid of humans knowing. Though Drake knows that day might never come. During his travels, he met the a few covens and “families” that he found rather interesting. He stayed with a few to learn more about them. Drake finally began playing in concerts always wearing makeup to make his face look different that it originally does; he did this for fifty years. Moving to Port Angles to get away from the world, not really wanting to move to Forks. Sensing though that there are vampires there, hearing that there are new vampires being made everywhere all over the city. He got a feeling that a war might start soon and attract company that Drake doesn’t want there. He would once in a while go to Forks during the night to enjoy the lakes and woods for animals, but he mainly hangs out in his windowless loft that sits on the outskirts of town. Wishing that he had someone to be with him as he lives out his immortality. His artist name is: “The Damned one”

Current Living Area: Port Angles for now

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PostSubject: Re: Drake Razorite (Hybrid)   Drake Razorite (Hybrid) EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 12:29 am

Approved. Happy roleplaying.

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