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PostSubject: BLOOD MOONS   Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:13 pm


The year is 1933...

and what a time it has been for the city that never sleeps! If you think New York is just any old regular city you'd be dead wrong. For awhile now it has been over run by two gangs who've been at each other's throats for territory for their drug dealings. And if being a gangster wasn't dangerous enough, these gangs have an unnatural secret about them. For one the majority Hell Hounds gang are made up of lycans while the other, the Syndicate, are a major coven of vampires. Locked in an eternal battle to prove who's the better of the group, the two gangs are at an all out war in trying to recruit humans to their side while those trying to stay out of the crossfires have sought out the protection of rogue slayers. How many more blood moons will this war last and more importantly, whose side are you on?


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