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 Demitra Lillian Swift

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PostSubject: Demitra Lillian Swift   Demitra Lillian Swift EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 10:12 pm

full name: Demitra Lillian Swift
nicknames: Demi, Demzie, Dem, DemDem
date of birth: July 4th 1901
date of change: November 17th 1918
hometown: Chicago, Illinois
species: Vampire
ability's: Mind Manipulation.

height: 5'4
weight:110 lbs
hair: wavy brown/black hair that is about shoulder length
eyes: chocolate brown when she was human, golden now
general appearance:has fair skin, wavy brown/ black hair, golden eyes, usually wears punk style clothing, or anything she pleases really.
play by: Demi Lovato

likes: music, scented candles, photography, long walks, reading a good book, hanging with friends
dislikes:clowns, spiders, heights, being talked about behind her back, being left alone for a good amount of time
strengths: very knowledgeable, very quick, sneaky
weaknesses: the sun, not very strong, klutzy
habits/quirks: often is seen with her guitar, bites her nails
fears: spiders, clowns
secrets: was raised by a nanny most her life
personality: Demi is a very shy girl until you get to know her, she is often intent into her music, a big bookworm, bubbly when she wants to be, often a depressed girl unless you can find a good way to cheer her up.

mother: Chantel Swift
father: Nicholas Swift
siblings: Christopher Robin Swift and Julia Swift
other family: Jace Anderson
other important people: Ramona Johannes (The Nanny) Jesme Ritter
history: Demi was born to Chantel and Nicholas Swift on July 4th, 1901. The Swifts were high society kind of people for the time period. When Demi was 2, Chantel gave birth to Julia, leaving Demi to be raised by a nanny. A year after Julia arrived, Christopher Robin was born to the Swift family. When Demi was five, she met her best friend, Jesme Ritter. Jesme, however, lived in Wisconsin. As Demi grew up, she separated herself from her family and dived into music. on her 16th birthday, her parents bought her an acoustic guitar in which she named Luna. A few months after her 17th birthday, the Spanish Influenza attacked, killing her entire family first and then attacking her. As she lay dying in her hospital bed, a vampire came and changed her. 3 Days later, Demi awoke to a burning in her throat, she immediately went to satisfy the burning, but, nothing did it. A few years later, Demi started to drink animal blood, finding drinking human blood unsanitary. Ever since then, Demi has been a nomad wandering.

your name: Steph
experience: 4 years of roleplaying
who you play: Demitra Swift
how to contact you: email me.
have you read the rules: yes
code word: **********
role play sample:
It was a dark and dreary night as Demi wandered the woods. She often had wandered the woods at night, hoping to find something, something that would help her. Sadly, nothing ever came, no note, no letter, nothing! Demi sighed as she sat next to the raging river, taking her shoes off and dipping her feet in a little. "Can someone, anyone, give me a sign on what the heck it is I am supposed to do?!" she called out to the sky.
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PostSubject: Re: Demitra Lillian Swift   Demitra Lillian Swift EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 10:30 pm


Make sure you fill out face claim before you begin roleplaying.

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Demitra Lillian Swift
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