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FORBIDDEN HEARTS RPG - restarted Empty
PostSubject: FORBIDDEN HEARTS RPG - restarted   FORBIDDEN HEARTS RPG - restarted EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 5:53 pm

FORBIDDEN HEARTS RPG - restarted Ild5b6

The rpg has restarted, anyone can join adn is more than welcome to play. some cannons have been released to the public to play. Since the story lines went two different directions it was time to restart to give it a fresh page.


Reverse Edward and Bella plot. The Darkous family has returned to Eternal Rose every 15 years to relax in the town that they helped build. But though they have a peace treaty with the wolves, that treaty is wearing thin since the new generation of wolves are not fond or very tolerent of the vampires. The darkous family is lead by the second youngest member Selene, an elemental vampire whom has taken care of her entire family for many years. The volturi see them as a threat since Selene is the heir to King Dracul's throne, as well as her family is growing larger. Almost bigger than theirs as special powers are mainly part of the family; the Volturi seek any means to take those with powers and destroy the family that Selene has loved so dear. But as she returns to Eternal Rose, she finds herself falling in love with a human. Problem is some of her family just switched to vegetarians, thus keeping him safe is hard. Keeping an eye on her mortal families line of descendants she finds herself needing to guard her family like she did many years ago. HEr weakness has been shown, shall they be able to expose the vampires to the mortal world or shall they die at the hands of the Volturi. The war has begun

Plot 2: Devil Woods Killer

the Devil woods killer is two people whom have a thirst for killing. They have not been caught in many years. But one blames the town and the wolves for the murder of the one he loves. Tracking down the wolves, they find a witch that is friends with the wolves as well as going to soon be a Moon Child werewolf turned by their enemy Lucious. Using the Old woman Emily Rose keeper of the wolves secret and the witch, they plan on making the wolves pay. Even by making lives of those the wolves love a living hell that will kill them. The wolves may need help with this action. Shall they ask for help from their enemies or shall they die guarding that which they love?

Plot 3:

Drake is a half breed vampire whom happens to be a world class Rock Star. He spent many years alone unless he was with the Darkous family. But then something happened, he found a girl that he cared for alot. Someone that the Darkous family is guarding. the Devil woods Killer and a vampire named Aro has their eyes set on this girl.

Plot 4:

Dark and light beings are powerful and can bring back to life sometimes that which has been dead, sadly it is hard to find what has been lost for so many years. With time going by, Dracul is starting to worry that his Dark being friend and her son is going to be killed for what they are. Trying to figure out how to blow the secret of vampires out of the water without his enemy Aro stopping him, King Dracul is stuck on what to do. Turning to Selene to give advice since she is his heir; she suggests that the Dark Being Demona and her son Moritos go to Eternal Rose. This proves a problem as an enemy tries to make its way into Dracul's home to kill him and stop him from exposing the vampires.

OC characters are more than welcome
Cannons can be used if desired. This is based after Rennesme whom happens to be 16 now

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