Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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 Fact File Luna Night

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PostSubject: Fact File Luna Night   Fact File Luna Night EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 5:30 pm

First Name: Sami
Middle Name: Mouse
Nickname (s): Sami, Mouse, Little one
Home: [Where do you class as home?] : BF's house, "Sisters" house, and anywhere but my home
Age: 16
Hobbies: Horse back riding, art (all types), writing/reading, music
Interests: vet, or medicine, art, Sea world animal trainer
Occupation: Student
Job(s): Part time stable hand
Dream Job: Big animal Vet or Print making, or Sea world animal trainer
Goal/Dream in life:
Pets: (2 dogs Belle/Bella and Benzo/Benjamin) (3 cats Tj , Roo and Bandito) (pony justin)
Relationship: Taken
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black with red/orange/yellow/green/blue streaks
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Weight: 85.6 pounds
Height: 4'11"
Background: Adopted
Personality: Shy at first. Hyper. Irish temper

----Favorite Things----
Animal: horses <3 and all animals
Color: White or anything with a cool name
Subject: Art
Book: Going too Far
Film: The Long Shot
Restaurant: UNO's
Shoe: Converse
Piece of clothing: Grey 'Peer Pressure' t-shirt
Chocolate: milk or with nuts
Season: Fall and Spring
Holiday: Halloween
Sport: Horseback riding & diving

----This Or That?----
McDonalds or KFC?: McDonalds
Indian or Chinese?: Chinese
Boys or Girls?: Boys
Hugs or Kisses?: Kisses
Friends or Boy/girlfriends?: err. Both
Friendship or love?: err. Not sure
Night or Day?: Night
Money or Love?: Love
Sun or Rain?: Rain
Long relationships or one night stands?: It depends.

----On the opposite sex I prefer...----
Eye color: Blue, hazel, or green
Hair color: any
Hair Length: depends
Height: Tall
Weight: IDC
Loving or Funny?: both would be nice
Caring or Devoting?: both
Protective or easy going?: Protective
Sexy or hot?: Sexy
Bad or good?: bad XD

----Do you believe In...?----
God: Nope
Angels: yea
Heaven: in a way
Hell: in a way
Soul mates: Yep
Aliens: No?
Love at first site: Possibly depends
Kissing on the first date: Yeaa
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Fact File Luna Night
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