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 Alex Laurita Application

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PostSubject: Alex Laurita Application   Alex Laurita Application EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 3:25 pm

* Alexander James Laurita !
Alex Laurita Application Alexander-1

A man who dreams of nothing, is nothing.

Alex Laurita Application Zjccgj

full name: Alexander James Lauita
nicknames: Alex
date of birth: 12/15/1991
date of change: N/A
hometown: Los Angeles, CA
species: HUMAN
ability's: N/A

Alex Laurita Application 5fm51z

height: 5'10
weight: 145
hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
general appearance: Alex is a very casual dresser of the skater type. Being a high school student he is a master of the 'not trying too hard' look. Despite this he is an impressive sight physically, though he rarely acknowledges it. The first thing anyone would notice about him are his striking blue eyes or his soft voice.
play by: Taylor Kitsch

Alex Laurita Application 21a029j

likes: Puppies, Poetry, Music, Strawberries, Romance
dislikes: Rude People, Hate, Inequality, Injustice, Fanatics
strengths: Intelligence, Charisma, Lightheartedness
weaknesses: Physical Strength, Awkwardness, Shyness
habits/quirks: His biggest habit is biting his nails. His biggest quirk is that he loves to go to strange places.
fears: Lonely Death, Needles
secrets: His family are actually Italian Nobility
personality: Alex is usually very softspoken when in coversation. He is quite non-confrontational but not scared to stand up for what he believes in. Being an A student he is highly intellegent and usually has his eyes on a book instead of the guys around him.

Alex Laurita Application 33cly03

mother: Alessa Laurita
father: Guiseppe Laurita
siblings: None
other family: None
other important people: None
history: Alex was born to two Italian nobles Alessa and Guiseppe Laurita in Milan, Italy. He was raised as a highly prized noble child until he wanted to come to America for high school. He attends Forks High school where he is a new Sophomore.

Alex Laurita Application R94l06

your name: Dakota Current
experience: Over 9 years experience in various roleplaying environments.
who you play: Various HP characters. Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Logan Hale, Avalon Evenson
how to contact you: E-Mail - or here.
have you read the rules: Yes
code word: **********
role play sample:
Alex stepped outside his apartment in Forks for the first day of High School at his new school. The wind whipped his hair back from his shoulders and he smiled, actually liking the nip of cold he felt in the air. "Much better than LA" he said, not trying to hide the faint Italian accent in his voice. Heaving his backpack over his shoulder he walked down the street toward campus, waving and admiring how friendly people were in the small town of Forks compared to California.

this plot page was made by Tayy<3 of caution 2.0
Please no stealing, that's not very nice now is it?
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PostSubject: Re: Alex Laurita Application   Alex Laurita Application EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 7:38 pm


Kota<333 Dunno if you remember me. But this is Hannah; AKA Alice from TL5(:

Don't forget to fill out faceclaim.

Alex Laurita Application 105s392Alex Laurita Application 3502804_galAlex Laurita Application 7abd3980917396
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Alex Laurita Application
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