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 Angela Weber Application

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PostSubject: Angela Weber Application   Angela Weber Application EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 8:22 am

Angela Lynn Weber
Angela Weber Application Picture-121

"Doctor Cullen's like this foster dad/match-maker." "Maybe he'll adopt me"

full name: Angela Weber
nicknames: Angie, Ang
date of birth: March 18, 1988
hometown: Forks, Washington
species: Human

height: 6'0"
weight: 125 lbs
hair: brown
eyes: brown
general appearance: Angela has fair skin, and a smile that lights up her face. Her smile is a kind smile, accenting her tall, lean figure.
play by: Christian Serratos

likes: Angela likes her close friend, Bella, photography, the beach, tide-pools, and music.
dislikes: Angela dislikes arguments, rudeness, violence, liars, and impostors.
strengths: Angela's strengths are giving advice, comforting her friends, and caring for others.
weaknesses: Angela's weaknesses is crying, helplessness, and stress.
habits/quirks: Angela seems to have the habit of being there for her friends, having a gentle disposition, and calm head for situations.
fears: Angela fears losing her friends, and spiders.
secrets: Angela is a trained dancer, and musician.
personality: Angela's personality consists of a gentle disposition to those around her, and a caring nature, truly from her heart. She also is a shy human, though loves to work for the school paper, freely expressing herself on paper. She cares for sweet things, such as twizzlers, and is sweet to those whom she meets. She is also know for her insightful comments and suggestions.

mother: Mrs. Weber
father: Mr. Weber, a lutheran minister.
siblings: Isaac and Joshua Weber, two loud, 9-year-old boys.
other family: N/A
other important people: N/A
history: Angela Weber is the oldest of 3 children, and the only daughter of the Webber parents. She was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington on a sunny day. I was born and raised in Forks. She was an only child for about 9 years, until her loud, crazy, outgoing twin brothers, Isaac and Joshua, were born. She picked up photography at a young age, and loves to work with her talent, as well as writing editorials.

your name: Kyrie Lombard
experience: About 3 years as Alice on a twilight fan site.
who you play: I played Alice, and would like to play Angela.
how to contact you: PM, or e-mail:
have you read the rules: yes.
code word: **********
role play sample:
She didn't know how to react. Here, before her, was a new school, she was terrified. She entered the class and went to the teacher. "Angela Weber...", she said softly, and the teacher led her to her new seat. She was grateful to be able to sit alone in her aisle, not having to make small talk with people she did not know.

Unfortunately, her dream didn't stay a reality. A girl, Brown hair and a shy smile sat with her. "Hi. I'm Jessica Stanley. It's so nice to meet you!"the new girl proclaimed. Angela smiled timidly, "Angela Weber." As the bell rang, Jessica skipped back to her seat, and Angela sighed in relief. Maybe it wouldn't be so difficult after all, she thought, and smiled to herself as she started her notes.
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PostSubject: Re: Angela Weber Application   Angela Weber Application EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 10:05 pm


Make sure you fill out face claim.

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Angela Weber Application
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