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PostSubject: Jacob Black   Jacob Black EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 11:18 pm

Jacob Black Jacob

"The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse.

Jacob Black Zjccgj

full name: Jacob Ephraim Black
nicknames: Jake, Jakey
date of birth: November 23, 1993
hometown: La Push Reservation in Forks
species: Werewolf

Jacob Black 5fm51z

height: 6'2
weight: 240 lbs
hair: Black
eyes: Dark brown, almost black
general appearance: Jacob stands very tall for his age and is fit and well-built. His jet black hair usually looks slightly rumpled and unkempt but is always kept back from his face. He has a light russet complexion that reflects his Quileute Native American background and a pointed chin, coupled with a set of dark, meaningful eyes and a contagious smile.
play by: Taylor Lautner

Jacob Black 21a029j

+Hunting vampires
+Hanging out with his friends
+Being a werewolf
-Edward Cullen
-Anyone who threatens Bella
-Bella's love for Edward
+Killing vampires
+Making Bella feel safe
-The strength of the alpha command
+Quick temper
+Thinking about Bella
-Losing Bella
-Bella becoming a vampire
~He is the rightful alpha of the pack
personality: Jacob's personality changes as he matures. He seemed very friendly though shy and slightly sheepish around Bella, easily succumbing to her flirtations and worrying about how the Quileute legends will affect her perception of him. Jacob goes from being his old, happy self to being sullen and temperamental. This is because he is has now phased and is experiencing life in wolf form. He then becomes a lot more confident that Bella is really for him - so much so that he makes her realize that she does love him after all. He also seems to be somewhat rebellious, since he encourages Bella to sneak out to visit him and they ditch school so they could spend some time alone, even though just as friends. He loves Bella with all his heart and would do anything for her. He also enjoys hanging out with his best friends, Quil and Embry.

Jacob Black 33cly03

mother: Sarah Black
father: Billy Black
siblings: Rachel and Rebecca Black
other family: Great-Grandfather: Ephraim Black, Second Cousin: Quil Ateara
other important people: Bella, Sam, the rest of "the Pack"
history: Jacob was born to Billy and Sarah Black. Sarah died in a car crash when he was very young, though Jacob never speaks of it. He has two older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. Rebecca moved to Hawaii and eventually married, while Rachel, who had been off at college, returned later and was imprinted on by Paul. After Bella flirts with him (as a way to get information), he introduces the idea of Edward being a vampire by telling her the Quileute legends on the topic. After Bella and Edward began dating, Billy takes Jacob to Bella to advise her against it, without, however, telling her why. She already knows. He is later seen crashing Forks High's prom under his father's orders to reiterate the same warning.
Bella becomes very good friends with Jacob, after Edward leaves Forks. Jacob helps her become somewhat happy and normal again, though she still misses Edward. Jacob is one of an ancient line of Quileute werewolves. They are the mortal enemies of all vampires, including the Cullen family. At first Jacob thinks all this is a bunch of superstition, and he becomes frightened and disturbed by the influence a young man on the reservation, Sam Uley, has on some of the Quileute youth. After Jacob goes through a sudden transformation to a werewolf, it is revealed that Sam, the pack's leader, was the first to make the transformation in several generations. He'd gone though his own hardships during the change, including a rather bloody incident with his fiancée, Emily Young. As werewolves are short-tempered, highly violent, and likely to explode into wolf form when angered, Jacob initially promises his pack he would stay away from Bella. He and his new friends patrol the forest, searching for vampires that have been killing hikers in the area. Jacob and the pack save Bella from the vampire Laurent, who was trying to kill her. Before the over-sized wolves chase him off, Laurent tells Bella that Victoria wants revenge on Edward for killing James, her mate.
Sometime later, Jacob unexpectedly shows up at Bella's bedroom window and apologizes for a recent fight and his avoidance of her. When she asks him what's happening with him, he claims that he can't tell her, but leaves her a clue to what he and the rest of Sam's group is. Bella remembers the stories Jacob told her, about the Quileutes being descended from wolves. The next day, she confirms that Jacob is a werewolf. She later confronts him, assuming his pack to be behind the recent murders in the forest. Jacob convinces her that their job is to protect humans from vampires, and they would never harm anyone. He also tells her that Laurent is dead, and together they figure out that a certain red-headed vampire terrorizing the werewolves and hikers in the forest is actually Victoria. But when Jacob calls his pack to give them the news, they are angered about it. Paul, one of the pack members, loses his temper, phases into his wolf form and tries to attack her. Jacob quickly phases in turn and viciously mauls Paul, chasing him into the woods. She and Charlie spend much of their time in La Push during her spring break. Jacob and Bella renew their friendship, and he tells her what it's like being a werewolf. Sometime later, still in grief over losing Edward, she goes cliff-diving and nearly drowns before Jacob pulls her out of the water.
Bella's cliff diving incident is what brought the Cullens back. Bella and Jacob's friendship is somewhat broken, because he loves her but she loves Edward. Jacob never gives up hope, regardless. He tries to convince her that she really does love him and eventually he does. When Bella was in danger, Jacob ran with her to Florida until the danger passed. Now, all he can do is fight for her. With Bella and Edward's engagment broken, he thinks he really has a fighting chance to win Bella's heart.

Jacob Black R94l06

your name: Jayson
experience: 1 year
who you play: Jacob Black
how to contact you: email:, meebo: thatsexaybeast
have you read the rules: Yes
code word: **********
role play sample:
Kyle listened intently as Avalon explained what happened to his parents when he was just a few years old. He stared blankly at the surface of the old, wooden table, not really seeing anything. As soon as he heard that his mother had been sexually assaulted, his mouth clamped shut, his jaw tightening. He couldn't believe it. He was a child of rape. An accident. A terrible, unwanted accident. And suddenly Avalon's next words hit Kyle with a heavy blow, "Your father was very drunk that night...and because he was so overwhelmed with rage, he killed your mother before he could fully register what she meant." Killed your mother. Kyle suddenly felt sick to his stomach and he swallowed in a shaky breath as he realized his entire body was trembling, his fists clenched so tightly his knuckles were bone white. His own father had killed the person who brought him into this world. Because of him. It was all because of him. An overbearing wave of guilt and grief crashed over him and he stood up abruptly. He was wrong. He couldn't do this. He couldn't listen to this. He spun on his heel and was about to storm out of the room when he felt a hand grab his arm.

Kyle turned his head slowly and could barely control his voice as he said quietly, "Let go." Avalon's grasp didn't loosen any as he replied back, his voice gentle and understanding, "It's not your fault, Kyle. No matter what you might think. What your father did had nothing to do with you." Kyle's lower lip trembled slightly but he quickly bit down on it and inhaled sharply through his nose. "Avalon. He killed her because of me. How the hell can you say it had nothing to do with me?" His voice caught as he said this and he quickly pulled his arm away and hurried out of the room before Avalon could see the unshed tears that were burning his eyes.

this plot page was made by Tayy<3 of caution 2.0
Please no stealing, that's not very nice now is it?
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Posts : 87
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Age : 22

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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Black   Jacob Black EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 11:20 pm

Jayson, I had to move this; that's why it says I am the author. But;


You can start roleplaying as Jacob. (:
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Jacob Black
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