Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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 Isabella Marie Swan

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Jacob was right. He’d been right all along. He was more than just my friend. That’s why it was so impossible to tell him goodbye — because I was in love with him.

Isabella  Marie Swan Zjccgj

full name: Isabella Marie Swan
nicknames: Bella, Bells, Bell
date of birth: September 13, 1992
hometown: Forks, Washington
species: Human
ability's: Natural immunity to the mental powers of vampires

Isabella  Marie Swan 5fm51z

height: 5'6"
weight: 135 pounds
hair: Brown
eyes: Chocolate Brown
general appearance: Bella hasa very pale complexion with long, straight, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, wide unique chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face. She also has full lips but her upper lip is fuller than the other, making them uneven.
play by: Kristen Stewart

Isabella  Marie Swan 21a029j

-Being with the Cullens
-Dinner with Charlie
-The Volturi
-Being torn between Edward and Jake
-Being treated like a breakable doll
-Having secrets kept from her
-Being lied to
-Self sacrifice
-Putting others before herself
-The Cullens
-Biting her lip
-Being clumsy
-Running her hand through her hair
-Losing the people she cares about
-Getting her heart broken again
-The Volturi
secrets: Bella loves Jake more than a friend, but she doesn't let anyone know.
personality: Bella is very clumsy and she knows it. She has a big heart and is very self-sacrificing. She puts everyone's needs before her own and she doesn't see herself worth Edward or Jacob's love. She doesn't like to except gifts, especially from Edward because that would throw their relationship more off balance. Bella has a strong bond with her father Charlie and she is very protective and watchful of her mother Renee. She can get emotional at times, but she is very strong willed.

Isabella  Marie Swan 33cly03

mother: Renee Dwyer
father: Charlie Swan
other important people: Edward, Jacob, Alice
history: Bella Swan was born on September 13, 1992, to Renée and Charlie Swan, a young couple living in the small town of Forks, Washington. Her parents divorced when she was six months old, and Renée took Bella with her to Riverside, California, before moving to Phoenix, Arizona when Bella was five. Bella visited Forks in her past to spend time with Charlie. During these occasions, she also spent time with Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob Black, the children of Charlie's friend Billy Black. Bella used to visit every summer, until she was fourteen years old. This was when she put her foot down, and Charlie went to California for two weeks every summer instead.
When Bella was seventeen, she moved back to Forks to live with her father so her mother could travel with her new husband, Phil. In Forks, Bella fell in love with Edward Cullen who just happened to be a vampire. After an incident with Edward's brother at Bella's eighteenth birthday party, the Cullens left; leaving Bella heartbroken. She turned to her best friend, Jacob Black who turned out to be a werewolf. When the Cullens returned, more danger kept coming up. Finally, Bella ran away to Florida with Jake to protect the Cullens. When the danger had passed, they returned home. Now, Bella is torn between her love for Edward and her new found love for Jacob.

Isabella  Marie Swan R94l06

your name: Hannah
experience: Almost two years
who you play: Bella Swan
how to contact you: PM,, meebo: herasylum.
have you read the rules: Well Duhhh
code word: **********
role play sample: I made the site. I don't need one. (:


this plot page was made by Tayy<3 of caution 2.0
Please no stealing, that's not very nice now is it?
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Isabella Marie Swan
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