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 Fact file-Conor Mitchell

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PostSubject: Fact file-Conor Mitchell   Fact file-Conor Mitchell EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 8:26 am

God I remember when I was still Web master/admin on Sheinara and this was set in the OOC area lol
First Name:Conor
Middle Name:N/A
Nickname (s):Lan
Home: Cardiff
Hobbies:Re-enacting, Live action role playing,roleplaying,archery,Fiore,sword work.
Interests: History,Roleplay,Technical theatre,women Razz
Occupation: Student (Yr 10)
Job(s): N/A
Dream Job:Theatrical technician,Historical archery trainer.
Goal/Dream in life:Meh
Pets: 1 lurcher( Grey hound deer hound wolf hound cross) potentially a collie lurcher and one bengal eagle owl
Relationship: Single/Looking/unsure if I want to be in one again.
Eye colour:Bluey-grey with a green ring around the pupil(always changing god damn them)
Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair Length:Just below shoulder blade
Weight: I dunno
Height: 6" 3' or there abouts
Background: nothing interesting really
Personality: I am a sarcastic, cold bastard to people I am not fond of,a bit like my dad really. But I am also fearsomely loyal and devoted.

----Favourite Things----
Colour:ccan't say black as that is a shade form so purple
Book: I dunno,I love books
Film:Lord of the rings-return of the king, I skip the scenes with frodo!
Restrant: Dunno
Peice of clothing: ma' great coat
Chocolate: Dark/Milk
Season:Winter, I am a cold hearted bastard is me.
Holiday: HA! you think I can afford to go on big holidays?

----This Or That?----
McDonalds or KFC?: Neither
Indian or Chinese?: Chinese,chicken fried rice for the win!
Boys or Girls?: Girls
Hugs or Kisses?: Depends
Friends or Boy/girlfriends?: Girlfriend, at least most of the time they are loyal
Friendship or love?: Love
Night or Day?: Night
Money or Love?: Love
Sun or Rain?: mild heat + sun,anything else then rain
Long relationships or one night stands?: Long relationships, the idea of a one night stand pisses me off.

----On the opposite sex I prefer...----
Eye colour: Any though I would prefer green or brown
Hair colour: Brunette
Hair Length:no shorter than the midle of the neck
Height: nothing below 5 foot 3 inches or I will have to bend down real far.
Weight: preferably medium/light weight.
Loving or Funny?: both.
Caring or Devoting?: Devoted
Protective or easy going?: middle ground
Sexy or hot?: they are both the same thing to my mind lol
Bad or good?: middle ground

----Do you believe In...?----
God:HA no,if he is real he forsook me a long time ago
Heaven:HAHAHA heaven is just people fearing the unknown,if there is something beyond death it is the fires of hell because no human is going to heaven,we all 'sin' too much.
Hell: If there is something beyond the after life it is hell
Soulmates: Maybe,though the woman I thought was my soul mate dashed my heart
Aliens:Lol yeah I guess
Love at first site: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: Depends Wink
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Fact file-Conor Mitchell
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