Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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PostSubject: Facty Filez ;]   Facty Filez ;] EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 3:18 pm

First Name: Caroline
Middle Name: Lizzie
Surname: Force
Nickname (s): Cads, Caddy, Lino, Carli.
Home: a house ^.^
Age: 12
Hobbies: running, swimming, anime art, listening to music, hoceky, netball and drama :]
Interests: all things emoic styled, the super natural, neon things, crime, sports, art and sweets.
Occupation: Student ;]
Job(s): none... have to wait till 13 :[
Dream Job: physcologist/author/both ;]
Goal/Dream in life: to save the earth from global warming, to be president, to be a world famous author AND be able to read peoples minds.
Pets: dog and 74 fish.
Relationship: he he, a secret ;] x
Eye colour: hazel/green/brown/gold/changes daily
Hair colour: chestnut
Hair Length: crop bob
Weight: dunno (scales broke, thats not an excuse I swear) in science i think it was 500 newtons
Height: 5 ft something
Background: got bitten by a vampire ( I wish...)
Personality: bright, bubbly, a little bit nutty like nutella ;] obsessive, competative & amazing (obviously ;L)

----Favourite Things----
Animal: vampire bat
Colour: green
Subject: Chemistry (boom x.x)
Book: chereub series
Film: spirited away
Restrant: squires
Shoe: booties :]
Peice of clothing: gothy dress :]
Chocolate: milk XD
Season: autumn
Holiday: the long ones
Sport: football/hockey (undecided.... :S)

----This Or That?----
McDonalds or KFC?: nethier, eew spew yuck
Indian or Chineese?: ummm... never tried ethier @.@
Boys or Girls?: both ;]
Hugs or Kisses?: huggies
Friends or Boy/girlfriends?: friends x
Friendship or love?: friendship
Night or Day?: Night (:3)
Money or Love?: thats a hard one... a bit of both ^.^
Sun or Rain?: rain!
Long relationships or one night stands?: longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

----On the opposite sex I prefer...----
Eye colour: ultra violet (anyone have them Razz)
Hair colour: black and a bat
Hair Length: anythign but REALLLLLY long (it'd be longer than mine ;])
Height: 5 ft ish
Weight: not obese pleasssse
Loving or Funny?: funny
Caring or Devoting?: whats the difference?
Protective or easy going?: easy going
Sexy or hot?: cute (never go with the flow)
Bad or good?: ohhh.... hmmmz, super evil ;L

----Do you believe In...?----
God: yup
Angels: I'm living proof
Heaven: hope so...
Hell: No ;] optimistic is my middle name
Soulmates: I want to find mine...
Aliens: probably, but not green ones.
Love at first site: yep
Kissing on the first date: no, it's creepy
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Facty Filez ;]
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