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 Poem I did a while ago :)

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PostSubject: Poem I did a while ago :)   Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:15 pm

Come To My World

Jump on the train,
with the angels and demons,
Tap the drivers shoulder,
and we'll set off again.

The Talking dog beside you,
had a pink path eye and golden fur,
the candy apple red heart with lips,
flashed you a million dollar smile.

Welcome to my world,
where the bizzare is the acceptable,
and the normal and the outcasts,
you can dance through music until you bleed,
and then you can dance some more.

I used to think,
this place was just inside my head,
but then I picked up a paint brush,
and like a possessed child I drew,
and splashed the colour carlessly,
and my masterpiece was done,
the array of chaos,
the display of my nature.

If you look carefully,
you can see the train,
and hey look,
there's you.
So take my hand,
my brush and soul,
and listen as the colours say,
welcome to your world.
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Poem I did a while ago :)
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