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PostSubject: Ansley Lockheart   Ansley Lockheart EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 1:29 am

Character Basics
Name: Ansley Maria Lockheart
Age: 18
Date of Birth: Feburary 14, 1992

Sex: Female
Species: Human

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: dark blonde
Weight: 140

Appearance: She has dark blonde hair, a little wavy but most the time it is straight. She is usually wearing either jeans and a hoodie or a cute dress. Everything she wears always matches. She has a since of style and always wants to be wearing the latest fashions in everything. She has a love for shoes, especially converse. She has almost every color and style converse out there.

Character Bio
Abilities: None

Personality: She is a very bright and vibrant person. Is very hard to upset, she has a very calm spirit. If she gets mad it will only he for a few minutes. She loves to help people and she likes to be around others. She tends to freak out if someone she loves is in trouble or is going to get hurt. She has a heart for helping others. But she does tend to trust people very easily and forgive them quickly. You can always tell her things and she will keep them close and not tell anyone else. She is someone that you can trust.

History: Ansley grew up in a small town outside of Atlanta, GA. She lived there with her Aunt and Uncle who raised her ever since she was 5. When she was younger her parents were killed in a horrible car accident. Somehow Ansley survived, no one could ever figure out how because the car was destroyed in the accident. As she grew up Ansley found the Supernatural world fascinating and always had a love for it. When she found out more about vampires, she began to think that a vampire may have saved her from the car accident when she was 5. She asked her aunt more about what had happened, and all she told her was that no one could ever figure it out. Not too long after Ansley's 18th birthday her uncle got a job in Forks as a teacher at the school. Of course being new was always hard for Ansley. Her Aunt and Uncle moved around so much when she was younger, she was really never able to have a friend. Her books and drawing were her friends. She was hoping that Forks would be the last time they moved. She might finally be able to have a real friend.

Current Living Area: Forks. Close to the High School

Ansley Lockheart Emma-watson1g

Ansley Lockheart Emma-watson.2620

RP Sample:

Ansley walked into the school looking around quite nervous. She always hated being the new kid in school. No matter where she went something always went wrong. But she put on a smile and walked to the front office. Upon opening the door the lady at the front gave her a warm smile and welcomed her to Forks High School. This was her Senior year and it was getting close to the end of the school year. Only a few more months to go. She handed the lady a paper with the info. A smile went across her face as she spoke to the lady. "I am Ansley Lockheart. My uncle recently became the new English teacher here at the school"
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PostSubject: Re: Ansley Lockheart   Ansley Lockheart EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 1:40 am

Approved Smile Welcome Ansley!

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PostSubject: Re: Ansley Lockheart   Ansley Lockheart EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 1:43 am

Thanks Alice
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Ansley Lockheart
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