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 Wesley and Kelly Dragomir

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PostSubject: Wesley and Kelly Dragomir   Wesley and Kelly Dragomir EmptyFri Feb 12, 2010 3:12 am

Character Basics
Name: Kelly Dragomir (Rigonatio)
Age: 18(59)
Date of Birth: January 13th

Sex: Female
Species: Vampire

Eye Color: Honey (Blood red when she accidentally drinks human)
Hair Color: blonde
Height: 5'3

a small blonde haired girl whose hair is cured naturally. A face that shows both beauty and fear with love. Her skills cause her to worry alot and be afraid. Dressing in what needs to be worn, she is normally dressed in southern style country clothing, but alot of the times she is dressed in the latest fashion. Se loves boots and shoes more than anything. around her neck is a golden heart locket that Wesley gave her.

Character Bio
Abilities: Premonition - Can see 2 hours into the future and doesn't matter on race. The visions can be confusing once in a while as there can be about 2 - 3 outcomes depending on a person's choice. If she consentrates on a single person, her visions can be based around that single person unless she loses concentration.

PersonalityShe is kind and sweet, and watches over everyone. She mainly watches over Sessi and Wesley. She is fierce when she needs to be. When things get tough, Kelly can be your worse enemy or the most worried girl in the world. When they needed to protect someone, Kelly would always shoot off her mouth. She fears her skills, as well as think they are a gift. She adores everyone, and wishes that she could have a family with Wesley but alast vampire children can not be made or born. She has a deep fear of losing Sessi and Wesley.

Kelly and her sister Maria lived in a small town in the southern part of the USA. Her family found out that she and her sister were practicing wicca and being rather anti about that; they tried to burn them at the stake with their fellow church members. It was Sessi their friend from school that saved them. Snatching them off the poles wearing a black cloak and mask to disguise herself. She took them into the woods and changed Kelly and her sister. After that, they met Wesley and Julian twin brothers from England.she fell inlove with Wesley and found that she had a talent for designing clothes. She would make mens for Wesley as her model, and once in a while made everyone outfits and dress clothes for special events. Kelly is a small girl that doesn’t worry about life cause she thinkgs that Wesley and Maria will take care of everything.As a child though she use to have weird dreams that bothered her, and once she awoke as a vampire she could see two hours into the future at the most. Drives her insane sometimes. cause she doesnt know if the person will change their mind or not, and it worries her about the choices. When the Volturi came and killed her sister and members of her family, it killed her to part from the surviving members even to protect them. She and Wesley ended up going to England and then to Russia waiting to get the all clear. But then Kelly got a bad feeling and aftera while they were on a plane heading right to Forks where Sessi said she would be. She was a human drinker, but after the murder of her family Kelly went to drinking blood packs and animals to protect everyone.

Current Living Area: Seattle and Forks.

Wesley and Kelly Dragomir Street-5

celebrity: BEN BARNES
Character Basics
Name: Wesley Dragomir
Age: 20 (104)
Date of Birth: October 28th

Sex: Male
Species: Vampire

Eye Color: Honey
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5'12

Appearance: He is tall compared to his mate Kelly. standing

Character Bio
Abilities: Speed. making poisons from plants. Tracker

Personality: He is a kind man that has a soft heart. When his family was killed her blamed himself, and in which he still does. It makes him sad to think about it, bu he loves his family very much and doesn't really care for anyone else besides them. His friends come second to his family. His fierce side is showed when he takes his shirt off. Anyone who has met Wesley knows that if his shirt is off then he will knock the crap out of the people. His only weakness is kelly whom can talk him into anything.


Wesley and his twin brother were children of a poor man that wanted more for his sons. When they were ill due to their mother’s deadly diseased that killed even her. But Their father made a deal with Sessi as a last resort cause Anastaisia had given the family jobs in order to earn some money. Sessi taking pity on them, changed he twins as her father and mother watched. They awoke and left when they were vampires, returning only when their thirst was under control. They said their true good-byes to their father and left again with the Dragomir’s. Taking great pride in protecting Sessi like a big brother. Teasing her once in a while about her love life and relationships with humans. He feels comfortable talking to Sessi about things cause her kindness reminds him of his birth mother Haven whom he could not save. Ever since then, he fell for Kelly. Loving her forever. And still protecting Sessi with all his heart as well as Kelly. After the murder of his family, he ran away with Kelly trying to protect her. But sadly leaving his promise to always protect his sister Sessi. But when Kelly told him that there might be trouble, he bought the plane tickets in two seconds. He hates the Volturi more than anything. but keeps it to himself since if a vampire heard it it might cause them to attack the family again.He headed to forks, taking his precious car in the process.

Current Living Area:

Wesley and Kelly Dragomir 1970-honda-other-honda-ben-barnes
Wesley and Kelly Dragomir Ben-Barnes-ben-barnes-3482921-360-480

Wesley and Kelly Dragomir Hrdp_0804_07_z+custom_hot_rods+1957_chevy_convertible_side_view
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Wesley and Kelly Dragomir
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