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 Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana

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PostSubject: Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana   Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana EmptyTue Feb 09, 2010 10:57 am

Name: Kuraiyami Hana
Age: 267 years
Date of Birth: May 7, 1743

Sex: Female
Species: Vampire

Eye color: Blood red
Hair color: Silver
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 98 Lbs

Apperance: Kurai Has Silver hair that falls right below her sholder blades with a wire ribbon holding some of the hair up. She wears a short black laced dress with a red heart on the top of it. A sythe hangs from a holster on her back, Followed by ripped stockings & black boots. She has blood red eyes with of course, pale skin. She looks of the age of 17.

Abilities: Bloodlust Control
Blood control
Black rose tornado
Will power
Whan protcting somebody truely precious to her, her last option before
dieing would be changeing into her fallen angel form. (Kona sumi)

Personallity: Kurai is a very freindly girl that is sometimes silly at times, but
is serious when needs to be. She will not fight anyone unless
protecting a freind.

History: Shortly after Kurai was born her father, Amonoko Killed her mother & left
Kurai in a forest to die. Luckly she adapted to the enviroment around her &
only feeds on small forest animals. (Includeing fish, Squirles, exe exe.)
At the age of 98 an aged man knowtaced her as Amonoko's child. He gave her
clothing that replaced the rags she wore then, two daggers & a dark sythe,
& taught her how to use the wepons. He also explained that Amonoko has been
wandering around the world killing humans for no reason, & trying to find a
home. From that moment in time Kurai has made it her destiny to kill her
father Amonoko.

Home: Many diffrant forests.

Photo shown above. ^^

(I'm copying this discription off of another rp of mine so do not jump me about it!!!)
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Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana   Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana EmptyTue Feb 09, 2010 2:48 pm

lol It's okay. You're Approved. Smile Have fun!!

Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana Emma-watson-22-1
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Character Discription, Kuraiyami Hana
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