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Name of celeb: Elizabeth Rice

Character Basics
Name: Taymos Elabeth Saphs
Age: 15
Date of Birth: November 19

Sex: Female
Species: Unknown

Eye Color: Greyish-blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Height: 5'4
Weight: 117

Appearance: Taymos has intense eyes that sometimes show different emotions then she's experiencing, like if she's happy her eyes seem sort of depressed. Her skin in slightly tan, but looks mostly pale, and she inherited that from her father. She is sort of the short one in her family, the "shrimp". She has a good figure and usually wears casual, regular clothes. Solitary.

Character Bio

Abilities: Able to control weather consciously and unconsciously (the unconsciously depending on her mood)

Personality: Taymos is short-tempered and if she does get mad, you might want to run. She is kind, and sweet most of the time though. She's also childish (her ideas are usually childish), and she gets chaotic if she gets bored or thinks something is dull (those are the two things she hates most; dull things or events and being bored). She can get annoying at times when she's being persistant or being impatient. She argues when there is a right to (in her mind) and she is not very judgemental. And if she gets the chance, she's very caring and loving. Most people love her as they actually get to know her, because she is sweet and goofy if you're on her good side. If you're on her bad side, she is cold-hearted towards you.

History: Taymos was born to Jeff and Grace Saphs, who are humans. The years that followed were normal, as they would be for a human child. But then, when Taymos was 4, she realized her abilities. She had gotten depressed about getting in trouble and had gone outside, where she was calmest. And she had noticed it had started raining so, she tested her hypothesis and got the results she had expected: she could control weather. Her parents dealt with her, making sure she was content. Which really wasn't that hard, considering she was a happy child.

As Taymos matured, she learned how to tame her emotions, otherwise how to tame the weather so it was peaceful. But, that all went downhill when her parents divorced when she was 10. She was devastated and ended up living with her mother. She learned later when she heard her mother speaking on the phone with her father that she was the cause for the divorce and that sent her into immediate depression. But, by the time she was 13, she had gotten over it, accepting the fact.

Then a bit after Taymos had turned 15, for no reaosn she could see, her mother decided to move to La Push, where she had grown up. Taymos learned it was a reservation for the Quileutes. She didn't disagree or argue, not wanting to stress her mother out about moving. Besides, Taymos hadn't really had any friends at her school anyways. So, she agreed with her mother. And, thus, they moved to La Push and Taymos was the new girl.

Current Living Area: La Push, Washington


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